I’m a 2018 Fresh Scientist!

I’m a Fresh (hence the lemon) Scientist!! As part of a national competition (funnily enough called Fresh Science), I’ll be heading to Sydney to share my work and undergo media training. Pimping a Southern Ocean (hence the Antarctica-shaped lemon juice) species that is well and truly frowned upon isn’t easy, but I think I’m up for the challenge. I can’t wait to see what I get out of this experience – If I’m lucky, my ‘yeah, nah, yeahs’ might even be refined to ‘yeah, nahs.’ Thank you to my science homes, IMAS and ACE CRC for letting me pull their purses strings (I wouldn’t be able to participate without this help and it is so much appreciated).

Image credit: My left hand. (featured hand is my right hand. My long tongue also provided inspiration, but I would like to stress that I possess much better teeth than the ones depicted).


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