I reached a social media milestone … HOORAH

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me get over the 500 LIKES HUMP!! I know it’s just a tiny drop in the social media ocean, but for someone who started off with zilcho Facebook friends, it’s a big deal. I can’t say I’m having as much luck on Insta (I don’t think I’ve got the boobs or baking skills needed) but I hope to slowly seduce those users with intellect, humour and the odd dog pick. Also a big thank you to my PR team (my best friends) for going at this promo thing hammer and tongs. And thank you to my muse, Pippa (pictured). She might not be the brightest spark, but she is the light of my life. I also realise that all of my posts so far have been about yours truly, but I’m pleased to say that I’m about to get social on social media and post a quick interview with an author who has just self published her own book! Good times ahead.


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